OSAP application

OSAP Application

When you decide to go to college you may need help paying for it in most cases, and if you live in Ontario, Canada, you should turn to first and foremost to the Ontario Student Aid Program, or OSAP and imediately fill out the OSAP application form online. It may seem a bit confusing initially but the OSAP application process is straight forward if you take it a step at a time.

First, you must decide whether you will fill out the OSAP application form online or on paper. Filling out the application online is free, but filing a paper OSAP application requires a $10 application fee. The online OSAP application form will also get processed faster. In order to obtain access to this application, you must register at the OSAP website, and this requires a valid social insurance number. You cannot access the application without this, and you cannot register without this number.

You only need to fill out one application initially, and this covers aid from the Ontario Government as well as the Federal Government of Canada. You do not need to fill out separate OSAP application forms! If you are seeking funding other than government funding, this is not administered through OSAP, and this funding will require separate applications. When you fill out the OSAP form, you are applying for grants, student loans, scholarships, and bursaries.

Some scholarships and bursaries will require separate application forms, but you do not do this right away. You file the initial OSAP application, and then OSAP will inform you as to which additional OSAP application forms you need to fill out and submit. This prevents you from filling out application forms unnecessarily – and saves you and the OSAP a great deal of time and trouble. Because these applications will have their own deadlines, it is important to apply for OSAP as early as possible.

It takes four to six weeks for your online OSAP application to be processed. If you are expecting funds for the 2010-2011 academic years, you need to fill out the 2010 OSAP application form as soon as possible. Also, when you fill out the application online look at the top of the page and make sure that you are filling out the application for the right academic year.

Be absolutely certain about the information you are supplying to OSAP on your application. The information will be verified, and if it is wrong, false, or missing, you will be denied benefits, and you may be denied for up to five years. Make sure that you submit all requested documents, and if you are not sure whether or not a certain document will satisfy a requirement, contact OSAP directly or check with the financial aid office at your school for verification before sending in the document.

OSAP does not offer grace periods for deadlines. Find out what the deadlines are, and make sure that you meet those deadlines. When OSAP contacts you for more information or more documents, make sure that you respond immediately, so that your Ontario student assistance program application continues its progress. Also make sure that each document that you send to OSAP includes your social insurance number, name, the date, and your signature, or it will not be accepted.

Applying for OSAP and filling out the 2010 OSAP application form really isn’t hard. Read each question thoroughly to make sure that you understand what is being asked, and then supply the correct information. For more information about OSAP and applying for benefits, visit: OSAP application.

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