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You need to know how to use important OSAP contact information for specific problems when you apply for OSAP funding, or the Ontario Student Aid Program because you may run into specific problems you cannot figure out on your own. You could also have specific problems after you have started receiving the OSAP Ontario funds. For this reason and others you may encounter, you need to know how to use the OSAP contact section in the OSAP website to get quick answers.

When you visit the OSAP website, you will see three different ways to contact the OSAP agency for help. The first is to contact the OSAP directly, for all problems related to the OSAP. This contact information is generally supplied for students who are initially applying for OSAP funding, and for those who are currently receiving those funds. The OSAP contact number is 807-343-7260.

If you are in the process of repaying your student loans, or about to enter that process, your contact for specific problems would not be with the OSAP. Instead, you would need to contact the National Student Loans Service Centre, or NSLSC, at 888-815-4514. This is the second way to get help with specific problems, as they relate to your student loans. In some cases, you can contact the NSLSC even if you are still attending school.

Another section of the OSAP website, listed under the Help section, is ‘I Need Help With…’ Unfortunately, this portion of the website is not set up at this time. However, once it is operational, students will find this portion of the site to be very beneficial, as it will list either OSAP contact information or information regarding specific problems.

There is a section for help concerning technical problems that you may encounter with the OSAP website. This help can be obtained on the OSAP website, under the Help Section. You can click ‘Technical Help’ under the ‘Help Section.’ If you are having issues with security or logging in, click on Security & Log In Help.

If your problem is not technical, you will find that most of your issues concerning your OSAP student aid can be addressed and handled through the financial aid office at your school. This pertains to students who are already receiving funds. Those who are initially applying should still contact with the OSAP directly.

The contact information for the financial aid office at your school can be obtained through the OSAP website. Click Contacts, and then School Financial Aid Offices. From there, click on the appropriate section – for public schools, private schools, or schools outside of Ontario, and find your school in the listing that is provided.

When contacting anyone for help or OSAP information, do so in the correct way. The old adage that you catch more flies with honey is absolutely true. Be polite, and do not be overly demanding. Treat the people that you talk to with absolute respect and patience, and you will find that your problems are addressed more quickly. You will also find that if you have not contacted the right office or division, if you are nice, the person on the other end of the phone is more likely to find and provide you with the correct OSAP contact information that you require.

Otherwise, you probably will not need OSAP contact information for specific problems. Instead, you can usually find any information or help that you require on the Ontario OSAP website. The Canada website will answer most questions that you have, and help you to address specific problems without contacting anyone at all. Go to OSAP contact for getting your questions answered.

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