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One of the first tools to use when applying for your OSAP money is the OSAP estimator calculator, because it really all starts here if you are to be allocated the proper OSAP funding. When you look at the cost of college, and the amount of money you have to pay for it, you will most likely find that you need additional funding. If you live in Ontario, Canada, your first stop should be OSAP, or the Ontario Student Aid Program. Here, you can find out how much additional aid you need, and how much will be available through the OSAP estimator by learning the purpose and use of the OSAP calculator.

Not only can you use the OSAP estimator calculator to find out what financial aid is available to you, but the tool will also tell you how much you will be expected to contribute. In order to use the OSAP calculator, visit the OSAP website, and click on Tools in the left hand pane. Under this section, click Aid Estimator. The tool will lead you through the process step by step, and is very easy to use.

It takes about five to ten minutes to use the OSAP estimator calculator, but there is certain information that you will need to know in order to get accurate results – such as income and savings information. As you work through the tool, you will be asked to select the school that you will attend from a drop down box, and type in Program Name Keywords. Ideally, you will type the name of the OSAP program that you will be enrolling in for this section, but you can just use keywords, such as ‘nursing.’

After you click the search button, a list of programs available through that school will be listed, with a little check circle on the right of each program. Select the OSAP program that you will be enrolling in to proceed. On the next page, you will select one statement in the first section that applies to your situation. Make sure that you read all of the statements carefully. The following questions on this page ask if you have a permanent disability, when you last attended high school, and if you have ever attended college. Answer all of these questions, and then hit the next button at the bottom of the page to continue.

The next page of the OSAP estimator calculator asks for income information. Read this page carefully as well, and provide accurate answers for accurate results. If the answer is $0 for any of these questions, type a ‘0’ in the box. The next page will ask about children that are your dependents, select the appropriate number for this page, and then click next. You may also be asked about your partner or spouse information on this page, or information regarding your parent’s income, depending on the situation that you selected near the beginning.

Now, you should have results from the OSAP estimator calculator that will tell you how much your tuition is expected to cost for the academic year, including compulsory fees, books, supplies, and travel and living expenses. Your total estimated costs will be listed. The next section on this page will tell you how much OSAP funding you can expect through the OSAP. This information includes student loans from the providence and the federal government, as well as provincial grants and federal grants. Your total estimated OSAP money will be listed.

The estimator OSAP calculator is very accurate, and it does work. You can see how much aid you should expect, if you meet other eligibility requirements, how much you will be expected to contribute, and even see how much your OSAP payments will be after graduation. You can learn more about this valuable OSAP tool at: OSAP estimator.

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