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When you apply for student aid through the Ontario Student Aid Program, you may experience a great deal of confusion concerning the OSAP forms for your application. There is the main OSAP application form, and then a whole host of other OSAP forms that are available through the site as well. You need to know how to make your way through these important OSAP forms.

First, you fill out the online 2010 OSAP application form. To do this, you must register for the site, and you must use a valid Social Insurance number. If you do not have such a number, you cannot register to access the OSAP application form. This form can be filled out and submitted online, but it can also be printed out. In order to access all other OSAP forms on the website, you will need a PDF program, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download and use.

It is possible that you may not need any other 2010 OSAP forms on the site. The forms that are available are mainly for those who have had a change in their marital status, those who no longer receive parental support, consent forms for specific people, such as a spouse or parent, forms to update your income, and OSAP forms for specific scholarship or bursary programs that you are eligible for.

Do not fill out the OSAP forms for the bursaries or scholarships – or any other form – before filling out and submitting the initial application for OSAP aid. Once your application has been evaluated, you will be notified as to additional aid that you are eligible for, and if that aid requires a separate application or not.

After you have initially applied for OSAP funding, the OSAP may contact you regarding additional forms that need to be filled out for documentation purposes. Again, these forms will be downloaded to your computer, using a PDF application, and then submitted to the OSAP either through email or postal mail. Most of these OSAP forms cannot be filled out online.

If you are not sure as to whether you need to fill out an additional form for any given situation or not, you should contact the OSAP or your school’s financial aid office to find out if a form is needed, and which form is needed. When you look for the form that you need go to the OSAP website, click OSAP Step-by-Step, click Forms, and then, at the top of that page, make sure that you click the appropriate school year. After this, simply search down through the list for the form that you require.

Aside from the initial OSAP application form, which is not located in the forms section of the website, there are only 38 additional forms to choose from. Each form listed provides information next to the listing that will explain what the form is for – even when the title of the form is self explanatory – so finding the OSAP application form that you require should not be difficult at all. The OSAP forms are listed alphabetically, and there is also a search feature on the page that you can use.

For more information regarding OSAP forms, visit: OSAP forms. If you do not find the form that you require, contact the OSAP directly at 807-343-7260 or 877-672-7411. In some cases, you may need to fill out a form that is not available on the website. These forms from OSAP can be mailed to you.

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